Negotiations between Dana White and Jon Jones for his heavyweight debut could prove to be lethal

Negotiations between UFC’s Dana White and arguably the greatest steroids user of all time Jon Jones have been going on for over a year now and it does not seem like they will ever come to an agreement

Especially after Francis Ngannou’s coronation at Heavyweight where Dana White will constantly accuse Jon Jones of being afraid of fighting instead of saying he doesn’t want to pay him.

As this has become very frustrating for our team at MMAFPress we thought a good idea in how this matter will be resolved is a good old fashioned shootout on Live PPV.

If Dana wins we will not have Jon Jones for the next 50 years on Twitter saying how he will move up to heavyweight or if Jon Jones wins then all the UFC fighters will get paid accordingly.

To look into this matchup more closely Dana White holds many skills that could be useful like being able to sending decoys (pregnant woman) in Jon Jones eye of sight so he can advance in position but Jon Jones is not to be underestimated either.

His stealth skills are next level like take for example hiding under the octagon from USADA, regardless of the outcome UFC fans will be entertained.