Michael Chandler: “I rather take epo with TJ than take the vaccine”

After the news came out that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been FDA approved, multiple fans have approached UFC fighter and BLM ambassador Michael Chandler via social media demanding that he gets vaccinated.

Chandler has since responded to fans that he will vaccinate himself the moment he will accept a fight with Islam Makhachev which will be never.

Since Michael Chandler’s refusal of getting vaccinated fans have accused him of hanging out too much with Alex Jones and Joe Rogan and have requested him to be cut from the UFC.

Chandler didn’t stop there he also stated via Twitter:

“I rather take epo with TJ then take the vaccine”

What does everybody think about Chandler refusing to take the vaccine, I personally would like it if he took something that stops him from making motivational speeches.