BREAKING: Tyron Woodley’ Mother knocks out Jake Paul boxing coach in an altercation

Youtube douchebag Jake Paul returns in the boxing ring this Saturday August 29th against Tyron Woodley set by Showtime PPV inside Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Before the boxing match, the pre-fight press conference was set today at 1 PM ET where apart from Jake Paul being shirtless nothing was out of the ordinary, some shit talk here and there as you would expect from a Jake Paul press conference.

The staredown was intense but both Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley kept professional without getting physical.

In the meanwhile in the crowd, an altercation was ensuing between Tyron Woodley’s Mother and Jake Paul boxing coach J.Leon Love where from my reports he was telling that her son will get knocked out cold Saturday Night.

Tyron Woodley’s mother did not take this kindly and got up and went to J.Leon Love and one punch knocked him out cold where Security had to restrain her while she was screaming “You never talk about my son like that!!!”