Tyron Woodley to end racism if he defeats Jake Paul tonight

Former 4 times UFC Welterweight Champion and Grammy Awards Rap Singer winner Tyron Woodley is set to face Douchebag Youtuber pretending to be boxer Jake Paul tonight on Showtime PPV inside Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

Everything is on the line Tonight, the whole MMA world is on Woodley’s shoulders not only he will end racism if he defeats Jake Paul he will restore back the honour to the MMA Community.

Everybody is fed up of Jake Paul and wants him to crawl back from the YouTube hole he came from and Tyron Woodley is the man to do it, our most needed Saviour.

We all need to channel out prayers made to the MMA Gods so they send all the positive energy to Woodley to grant him the power to end Jake Paul.

US President Biden himself has hold an emergency meeting at The White House declaring that if Tyron Woodley wins tonight all racism will end indefinitely.

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