BREAKING: A 8 rounds boxing match is in the works between Chuck Liddell and Mike Tyson for Triller main-event on February 19th

Chuck ”The Ice Man” Liddell is in talks with Triller Fight Club promotion to main event in a boxing match against none other than Mike” Iron” Tyson on February 19th.

Chuck Liddell (69 years old) has lost his last fight by knockout to Tito Ortiz in 2018.

Mike Tyson(55 years old) last fought in 2020 against Roy Jones Jr. In a exhibition boxing match.

Both have history together where Liddell called Tyson for a street fight which never materialised.

If we are to look at something that both have in common is the abuse of cocaine.

Location for the fight is not disclosed yet but is rumoured to be in a nursing home because Liddell is not allowed to leave.

Reports are coming through that Liddell was trying to convince the commission to let him bring his walking stick in the ring but he was denied.

Liddell was also trying to convince the commission to let him fight with only one glove but that was also denied.

Even though unhappy with his requests being denied Liddell said “What is worse that can happen? Get CTE? I already have it.”

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