Tyron Woodley to feature as a Vixen in a music video with Jake Paul as part two of Dana White diss track

Sunday night Douchebag YouTuber Jake Paul earned a split decision victory over former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron “The Frozen One” Woodley in a boxing match that wasn’t without any controversy.

Straight after the Boxing match, Woodley requested the rematch which he feels he won but he was robbed by the “Very” experienced judges.

Jake Paul has responded with if he gets a tattoo with “I love Jake Paul” on his left butt cheek he will grant his rematch.

Photo design of tattoo made by Tato Baby

Did Paul beat Woodley on Sunday night? Paul did indeed out-boxed Woodley according to the stats.

Let’s not forget forget Woodley was close to finishing Paul in the 4th round where he caught Paul with a big right hand but did not capitalise on it living up to his nickname “The Frozen One”.

Also worth mentioning that is nothing worse than Jake Paul starting an Anti-Bully campaign, like Jon Jones starting a campaign to bring awareness to drunk driving.

Jake Paul should take his on advice and STOP IT, don’t run a anti-bully campaign when you involve Kamaru Usman’s daughter in a online bullying beef.

Actually is something worse than Paul’s Anti-Bully campaign the commentators on Sunday Night who was describing the fight like they wanted to blow Jake Paul.

Fast-forward to Monday Woodley has appeared on The MMA Hour hosted by Ariel Helwani where stated that he hasn’t tattooed “I Love Jake Paul” yet but he plans to do it once he gets the contract for his rematch.

Inside sources from Woodley’s Team has confirmed that are plans for Woodley to feature as the Vixen in a music video with Jake Paul to get his rematch.

YouTube/Mai Lee

Woodley will end up having tattooed “I Love Jake Paul” ,be a Vixen in his music video and still not get the rematch as Paul will screw him over.

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