Dominick Cruz on Laura Sanko being the first woman commentator in UFC : ”That’s a man’s job”

Mixed martial arts fighter with 1-0 and 4-1 professional and amateur record, UFC announcer and reporter Laura Sanko have debuted on Tuesday Night Dana White’s Contender Series as a desk colour commentator.

Sanko is the first-ever female to commentate for the UFC, working in the company since 2016.

The recent news of Sanko’s debut has earned her a lot of praise from the MMA world including Dana White in an interview with Kevin Yole who said that she will work on UFC Fight Nights as a commentator after TNDWCS Season is finished.

One person didn’t seem to be as pleased and that’s Keith Peterson’s son none other than Dominick “I was getting up” Cruz

In a recent interview with TMZ where Cruz was asked what he thinks of Sanko’s debut he had to say this:

“Laura who? Not once did she say underhooks during her broadcast appearance”

TMZ reporter then asked Cruz if he could elaborate more on the matter to where he responded:

“Yes, in her commentary debut she failed to acknowledge where a fighter got knocked out that he was trying to gain an advantage over his opponent by pretending to be asleep”

Dominick Cruz didn’t stop there and made some serious accusations:

“We all seen how she was drinking Alcohol with Daniel Cormier on the set, she is most likely drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes with Keith Peterson backstage at fights too”

Cruz who at that point was not happy about Sanko’s debut on the UFC commentary had this last thing to say:

“That’s a man’s job, she should go back to making me and Rogan sandwiches and leave the commentary for the men”

Cruz then ended his interview and proceeded to walk off nervously causing him to trip over a wire and fall over.

While on the floor Cruz kept repeating “I am getting up, I am getting up”.

It seems like Dominick Cruz will be out for another 5 years, hopefully somebody can find a way to mute his microphone unless Laura Sanko replaces him on the commentary.