Joe Rogan describes how DMT,Ice Baths and Elk meat cured him from COVID

Celebrity Podcast and Bad UFC commentator Joe Rogan is well known for his bad takes in Sports world and beyond.

Rogan once said that Ronda Rousey would beat Floyd Maywather in a boxing match and also that COVID is brought to earth by Aliens.

Seems like hanging out to much with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo is contagious.

A day ago Rogan posted a video on Instagram shirtless while on a bare hands elk hunt and informed the world that he tested positive for COVID.

In the video in between making animalistic sounds Rogan explains how he got COVID three days ago and with only DMT, Ice Baths and Elk Meat he managed to cure himself.

Just before the video finishes an Elk appears in the frame which prompts Rogan to start running after it while screaming “I will eat you”

Rogan while running 150 miles an hour proceeds to jump 10 feet in the air landing on the Elk’s back making it collapse on the ground.

Rogan then takes a massive bite of the Elk’s throat which appears to end it’s life.

Straight when the Elk was taking his last breath Rogan pulls out a microphone and proceeds to try to take an interview.

Rogan asking the dying Elk: “How does it feel that you will be my meal?”

Then with his face covered in blood Rogan turns towards the camera and says “Covid you’re next” and the video cuts off .