Dustin Poirier confirmed to appear in a cameo for new 6ix9ine music video.

The number one ranked lightweight contender and Louisiana native Dustin Poirier has been in the news recently for appearing in Jake Paul locker room before Paul’s boxing match with Tyron Woodley.

The MMA fans haven’t taken lightly to his appearance in Paul’s locker room and proceeded to call him a traitor.

Paul has been antagonising the MMA world since last year which caused fans to hate him even more than before.

So any fighters seen associating with Paul in a friendly manner will result in major criticism from the MMA fans due to being seen as associating with the enemy.

Multiple UFC fighters have been spotted with Paul like Adesanya, Masvidal and now Poirier.

Recently after an interview with Poirier’s cousin Cleetus he has revealed that Dustin is due to record a cameo in a 6ix9ine music video.

Cleetus went to give more details about the alleged cameo where he said that Poirier will appear wearing a Hawaiian shirt and The Sleepy McGregor chain saying “My Wife” just after 6ix9ine sings “who’s in my dm’s?”