Jon Jones serving a reactive USADA suspension since August 2020 for testing positive for Sildenafil…Eligible to return to fighting September 2022

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones has been out of competition since February 2020

Jones vacated the UFC Light Heavyweight belt in August 2020 and tasted a move to heavyweight.

For over a year Jones and Dana White have been going back and forth with regards to pay failing to come to an agreement.

With the recent change of policies, USADA didn’t have to report any findings therefore Jon Jones managed to keep the fact that he is serving a suspension out of the public’s eye.

That was until a unanimous source named D.J. Pillashaw has come forward and revealed to our lead journalist Brent Welwany the following information:

“Jon Jones has been suspended for horse meat since August last year, Jeff Novitzky caught him hiding under the octagon”

D.J. Pillashaw also revealed to us off the record that when Novitzky found Jones under the octagon he said this exact words:

“Hey pu*sy are you there?”

When further investigation was done in the matter it was found that it was another witness present at the scene, his identity will be kept private and we can only say that he is The American Gangster and is undefeated.

After contacting not Chael Sonnen the other witness has collaborated with D.J. Pillashaw’s story.

After the story was verified we contacted head of USADA Jeff Novitzky and he has confirmed that Jones is suspended for Sildenafil and will be eligible for return August 2022.