Dana White agrees with Fighters to ban oblique kicks in exchange for a cut of their pay

Today’s UFC Vegas 36 card has more than delivered with multiple finishes but one finish left fans and UFC fighters with a sour taste in their mouths.

Khalil Rountree Jr finish in round 2 over Modestas Bukauskas via oblique kick has made UFC fighters and fans asking to be outright banned.

Fighters like Kelvin Gastelum, Belal Muhammad and Uros Medic requested that oblique kicks to he banned

Gastelum even went to say he would rather have implemented a waiter come in between rounds while he is sat on the stool to take his food order.

Since then Dana White has not come out on Live Instagram and responded to the controversy:

“Yes if you these Goofballs want oblique kicks banned I will do it for a 30% cut from their pay, don’t want to hear after that how they not getting paid enough when really they don’t want to fight”

White didn’t finish there and had the following to say:

“What are next spinning elbows? will ban that too then they can we can incorporate helmets, elbow and knee pads.”

White abruptly ended his Instagram Live, where he didn’t appear to be pleased by the fighters request.

Are Fighters and fans right about banning oblique kicks in MMA, in my opinion all the fighters should fight in this.