Ali Abdelaziz confronted Paddy Pimblet after his debut at UFC Apex with regards to his Khabib comments which resulted in Ali getting knocked out

The Liverpool native Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblet made his UFC debut against Luigi Vendramini yesterday on Vegas Fight Night 36 main card.

Pimblet had a rocky start getting tagged early on in the fight but weathered the storm and got an impressive round one knockout which got the biggest reaction from the crowd at the UFC Apex.

Social media reaction was even bigger with multiple fighters reacting to Pimblet’s UFC debut but one stood out, Manager and MMA personality Ali Abdelaziz who tweeted this:

According to his tweets, Abdelaziz is not happy with Pimblet’s comments regarding Khabib Nurmagomedov but what was the comments?

After a search on social media we found out that Pimblet called Khabib “Karen of MMA”.

Abdelaziz is no stranger getting into altercations, last time he tried to attack Colby Covington at Palms Casino Resort where he had to be hold back by Kamaru Usman.

Our inside sources named that goes by the name Noah revealed to us that Abdelaziz was present atUFC Apex yesterday. He encountered Pimblet backstage after his fight and proceeded to confront him with regards to his Khabib comments.The Liverpool native scouser wasn’t impressed at all, throwing a left hook out of nowhere that knocking Abdelaziz out cold. Paddy didn’t stop there after knocking Abdelaziz out, where he started shouting Where’s Noah Lad?” while standing over His unconscious body.

According to another anonymous source that prefers to use the alias of Mr.Sausage has revealed to your Lead Reporter Brent Welwany that Michael Bisping was also present at the scene.

After Abdelaziz got knocked out, Bisping attempted to throw a bowl of cold water on Abdelaziz to wake him up and had the following to say:

“Wake up Baby Boy you just got knocked the fu*k out”

Abdelaziz after being out for nearly two minutes abruptly woke up screaming “where are you Mctapper? I will kick your ass”. After saying that Abdelaziz lost his consciousness again and had to be taken to hospital.