Diego Sanchez and Joshua Fabia are back together, per sources.

Former UFC fighter and Hall of Famer Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez and Coach of the year/guru Joshua Fabia have split ways last April after the Only Fans controversy.

The Breakup was full of events with Sanchez putting in a restrain order against Fabia.

The MMA community was very pleased with the news of their breakup as for months they have criticised Fabia’s methods and character.

Even though Fabia and Sanchez have broken up it seemed inevitable that they will get back together eventually.

Today Fabia took to Social from Sanchez’s Instagram account and did a live announcing that they are back together and have plans to make an adoption.

Fabia didn’t stop there and also announced that both he and Sanchez will adopt an Afro-American child, they will adopt Mike Perry.

Fabia then ended the Instagram live with a message to Dana White and UFC making the following statement:

“I know UFC still has assassins after us. I am talking about you, you bold f*ck Dana, I know you sent Dee after us and I also know you f*ck fighters but we are not afraid because our love is strong”

Fabia then put the camera down to where Sanchez appeared in the frame hanging upside down, tied up and with a tape over his mouth.

Fabia then went to Sanchez and proceeded to kick and punch him until the Live Instagram video ended.