Conor McGregor posted a picture on Instagram showing his new supplement for his leg break recovery

Conor McGregor lost his last fight via Doctor Stoppage against Dustin Poirier when he broke his leg at UFC 264.

McGregor’s recovery plan has remained a secret since then but he has revealed that he has replaced his entire left leg bones with titanium.

The results have been nothing short of amazing where only after a day he was able to walk again.

After a week a video was leaked on the internet of Mcgregor going as fast as 100 miles an hour on his scooter nearly tuning over an old man in the process.

Everybody since then has been wondering what is McGregor’s regime, what kind of supplements has he been taking .

The wait is over now as McGregor has posted a picture recently on his Instagram where he is sat at a table with his main supplement in front of him and it appears to be the same type of supplement that Jon Jones has been using before his fights.

The difference between Jones and McGregor is the purpose of which the supplement is used as.

Where Jones was using it to fuel his energy before fights. McGregor is using for recovery.

Now that McGregor on Cocaine 2.0 is finally here is only one thing left to say and that is that Poirier is fuck*d.