President Trump to be present in person to support Anderson Silva who is Facing Tito Ortiz on September 11th

Former Middleweight UFC Champion Anderson Silva is set to face Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz in his second boxing match at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Silva who previously defeated Chavez Jr in his boxing debut has shown that he has a bright future in the boxing world that bright that President Donald Trump himself will be there to offer his support.

Trump has recently come out and expressed his support towards Silva and announced his presence at Hard Rock Stadium via an interview on with Fox News Network.

President Trump had the following to say:

“Yes That guy the Spider Anderson Silva is a good guy, what a nickname The Spider, I need somebody that he can shoot spiderwebs at Nancy Pelosi hahaha”

Trump didn’t finish there and had the following to say about Ortiz:

“Oh, that guy Tito or what his name is he is a bad guy, beating Chuck Liddell like that horrible! I can think of only one other person who treats the elderly that bad and that is Andrew Cuomo”

Ortiz didn’t seem to be very pleased with President’s Trump support of his rival Silva.

So much so that Ortiz was close to pulling out of the boxing match the same way he stepped down from his position at Huntington Beach council.

Ortiz instead did something even better and posted this picture of Anderson Silva put to sleep on his Insagram.

Therefore announcing his support for Sleepy Joe Biden.

How will the boxing match go now that President Trump will be the special guest referee for their Boxing Match.