Dana White’s Mother says he “Bangs” UFC Ring Girls,uses Peds and slept with his sister in law.

Dana White the UFC President has a reputation for the personal “beefs” that he wages on social media.

Arguably it can be said that White has never lost a social media war until now. June White who is UFC President mother officially gave White his first 10-8 loss on Social media.

White’s Mother did a interview where she proceeded to spill everything not holding back at all making everyone understand where Dana White got his ruthlessness.

She went to describe his own son with the following words:

“egotistical, self-centered, arrogant and cruel”

White’s mother didn’t stop there and went even deeper:

“He slept with his sister-in-law in my house, which made me absolutely furious. He goes after any girl he wants.”

In the interview White’s Mother when asked about the inspiration behind her book that she wrote she had this to say:

“Dana White was a good guy… he had this great personality, people were attracted to him… I wrote this book because I don’t like the person Dana’s become, and what pushed it over the edge for me was when his grandmother got sick and died. He hadn’t spoken to her in two years, and he called her up and said ‘Gram, I’m going to send a plane, I’m going to bring you back to Vegas to live with us’… and she never heard from him again”.

It goes with out saying White didn’t attend his Grandmothers funeral which appear to have been the last straw for White’s Mother who wrote the book to remind him of his wrongdoings.

White’s Mother went further and described how he treats women:

“I think it’s amazing what he’s been able to do with MMA and the UFC, but he’s not a good person. He seems to have lost his character along the way. He mistreats people, it’s terrible the way he speaks to women and treats women… I don’t believe I brought him up to be like that. Plenty of the ring card girls sleep with him, there’s two of them I know for sure… The former ring card girl Rochelle… Dana was with her at a number of functions, and it was pretty obvious they had a relationship for a while.”

Adding that he puts “Tiger Woods to shame” with night lifestyle.

White appears that he has not changed regardless of his mothers efforts where herself believes so.

Will Dana White ever change that’s the question is everyone asking but also it appears that Diego Sanchez former coach Joshua Fabia was right all along.

What does everybody think of Dana White finally meeting his nemesis and if you don’t believe this story is true you are welcome to check the video down here.