Ariel Helwani challenges Brendan Schaub to a spelling bee…Loser to quit Television forever

Host of The MMA Hour and arguably the best instigator in MMA journalism Ariel Helwani have been going back and forth with former UFC Heavyweight and the best Stand Up Comedian after Mike Perry of course Brendan Schaub.

Schaub made a statement saying Helwani is hard to work with and he sucks off to McGregor better than himself.

The statement hurt Helwani’s feelings which caused him to cut a cheap WWE promo on Schaub belt saying the following:

“I don’t know what is worse your Stand up in the UFC or your Stand up Comedy, stop talking about me, stop lying about me and go mind your own business with your podcast that nobody listens to”

Helwani didn’t stop there and went even further calling him out for a spelling bee with the loser having to quit television forever.

Schaub didn’t wait long to respond to Helwani’s spelling bee challenge and had the following to say:

“Yes Ariel I accept your spelling bee challenge but with one condition if we do it while riding a bike without training wheels”

Will Helwani accept Schaub’s stipulation? Is Helwani able to ride a bike without training wheels that’s the big question that everyone wants to know.

We did some research and found this:

It seems like Helwani can’t ride a bike at all which makes it that Schaub wins this round with a 10-8.