BREAKING: Tyron Woodley arrested for stalking Jake Paul

According to local authorities, pro-MMA fighter turned boxer Tyron Woodley, 38, of Ferguson Missouri was arrested early Friday morning in Calabasas California and charged with Stalking. Woodley was arrested earlier this morning after authorities were called to the residence of a 24-year-old male who stated that Woodley was found in the tree outside his house watching him.

The 24-year-old male is confirmed to be the ‘Social Media/Youtube sensation’, turned boxer, Jake Paul.

Authorities say that Woodley has been Stalking Paul for the past week due to not being paid the promised amount to take a fall in the second fight.

After Paul attempted to end any discussions regarding the subject , Woodley started acting like a crazy ex-girlfriend and would not leave according to Paul and several other witnesses. Paul told authorities ” When I asked him to leave he started crying and singing songs to me, he told me he was ‘falling in and out of love with me’ i told him sorry bro, I only date chicks”.

After being asked to leave several times Woodley screamed that not only would he get Jake Paul’s name tattooed on him as promised, he would also be willing to legally marry the former Disney star. “I’m not gay but I will marry you, I don’t care about my street credit anymore, I got mouths to feed and plenty of child support, I need this bag bro” Woodley was heard shouting.

When authorities arrived at the scene Paul and his entourage were throwing water balloons and rolls of toilet paper at the former UFC Champion to encourage him to leave. After being placed in handcuffs, Woodley started sobbing uncontrollably and stated: “Mama Woodley is gonna whoop my ass when she finds out about this” Paul was not arrested or charged in the incident.

A call made to Woodley’s listed attorney was not returned at the time of this writing.

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