Triller main-event in jeopardy due to Holyfield not being able to make Nursing Home curfew

Triller Fight Club Legends II takes place this Saturday, September 11th in Hollywood, Fla. A heavyweight boxing bout between former UFC fighter and TRT enthusiast Vitor Belfort and Boxing Legend Evander Holyfield (74 years old) are set to headline the event.

Everything seemed to go as planned with Holyfield managing to make it to the weigh-ins with the help of a walking stick.

Holyfield was even able to do his boxing workout with the help of his handler that guiding him to where the mitts are.

The problems started when the Nurse in charge of the Nursing Home where Holyfield resides named Brenda Schauba informed us that the Triller main-event might be in jeopardy due to concerns of Evander not making the Nursing Home curfew.

The Nurse also added that Holyfield wouldn’t be able to box more than 4 rounds due to his bladder wouldn’t hold longer than that.

The commission was also informed that Holyfield will box Belfort with incontinence pads on and even might have to change the pads in between rounds.

Holyfield also intended to get the commission to approve him to fight in a wheelchair but due to short memory loss, he forgot about it.