Jon Jones reacts to commission banning oblique kicks: ”Yeah right, I will find a way around it like I did with eye pokes’

Khalil Rountree devastating oblique kick finish over Modestas Bukauskas at UFC Fight Night 36 caused a lot of controversy with fighters and fans alike asking the move to be banned.

The noise caused by fighters and fans over the oblique kicks to be banned forced the Nevada Athletic Commission to start an investigation into the move two days ago.

The Commission has since come back with a decision over their investigation if to ban the oblique kick.

Head of the Nevada Athletic Commission Mclovin Bennett released the following statement:

“After a very careful inspection over the oblique kick we have decided that for the safety of all the competitors is best that the move is banned indefinitely”

The news of this decision caused none other than Former Light heavyweight Champion Jon Jones to react via Instagram live saying the following : “Yeah Right, I will find a way around it like I did with the eye pokes. I like all my things illegal like drunk driving”

Jones don’t seem to be worried at all be commission’s decision to ban leg kicks. He even added the following:

If I got away with eye pokes, using steroids and hiding under the octagon I am sure I will get away with oblique kicks now that are banned, God is good he will help me to get away with it”

Jones ended the video by saying he is going to the Strip Club later and if anybody knows somebody he can buy cocaine from.