Justin Gaetjhe reacts to Micheal Chandler refusing to get vaccinated:” Yes Trojan Condoms are safer than COVID vaccines”

Michael Chandler is back in the news once again. The 35-year-old lightweight who is set to take on Justin Gaethje on November 22nd at UFC 268, has recently drawn criticism for his Covid-19 vaccine remarks.

The former Bellator champion has been adamant about not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, even after it was approved in August. The decision to not get vaccinated has not sat well with many.

Gaethje has since reacted to Chandler’s refusal to get vaccinated in a recent interview with Brendan Schaub on The Food Truck Diaries:

“Yes I don’t blame him for not wanting to get vaccinated, Trojan Condoms are safer than COVID vaccine”

Gaethje went even further to explain why the Condoms that he is being sponsored by are safer than the Covid vaccine by saying this:

“You have seen people get vaccinated and still get Covid, that will never happen with Trojan condoms you can’t get covid from them”

Gaethje finished the interview doubling down on why he is refusing to take the vaccine by saying the following:

“I will take the vaccine when Chandler stops making motivation speeches which that will be never but let me tell you how Trojan condoms are safer than the vaccine, they are my inspiration behind never pulling out of a fight”