Breaking: Conor Mcgregor tries to run over Machine Gun Kelly with his wheelchair at the 2021 VMA Awards over refusing to have a photo with him.

Conor McGregor doesn’t have the nickname “The Notorious” for nothing, recently his notoriety has reached new heights for the wrong reasons.

McGregor who attended the 2021 VMA awards has approached Eminem’s son Machine Gun Kelly with the intention of having a picture together.

When Kelly refused instantly McGregor had a flashback to the old man in the pub.

But due to being in the wheelchair, McGregor was unable to punch Kelly so he decided to throw his drink at him and try to run him over with his wheelchair.

McGregor started signing the notorious Snoop Dog song “Da Da it’s the motherfu*king d double g” while attempting to run over Kelly and Megan Fox.

Luckily Kelly moved out of the way of McGregor’s wheelchair which caused him to get even angrier with continuously shouting “I will fight you now” which prompted Kelly to respond with “Stand up and fight me then”

McGregor didn’t take that lightly where he had the following to say “Megan Fox is my DM’s” and tried to swing at Kelly which caused him to fall off his wheelchair.

The security intervened holding McGregor back to where he said “Early Stoppage, Early Stoppage. This is not over, if we have to take this outside we will“ while making gun signs towards Kelly letting him know his nickname is Machine Gun.