Breaking:Jake Paul out of retirement…Calls out Tito Ortiz for his next boxing fight

Former Douchebag YouTuber turned Boxer and still Douchebag Jake Paul defeated former UFC Welterweight Champion turned Rapper Tyron Woodley via decision in a boxing match and announced his retirement shortly after.

It seemed like Paul’s boxing career was over after nearly getting knocked out by Woodley in round 4 but a glimpse of hope was still left.

That glimpse of hope was Tito Ortiz and after his performance versus Anderson Silva which prompted Paul to announce that he is out of retirement and wants Ortiz as his next boxing opponent.

Paul went even further to say that he believes that Ortiz was still in the fight and after watching the replay he could see he “was okay” giving thumbs up.

Paul finished by giving reasons why Ortiz(69 years old) would be perfect as his next opponent:

“I want to fight him next because Logan straight away pulled out his camera and started recording when he saw Tito lifeless body in the ring, he is also close to the age range of who I like to box, I would have preferred if he was older but it’s fine”

Ortiz has yet to wake up and react to Paul calling him out.