Israel Adesanya Puma endorsement deal terminated due to recent controversy over failed Child Support payments

Middleweight King and P4P standout Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya reportedly had his Puma deal endorsement terminated due to recent controversy over failed Child support payments.

The Mother of the child Paula Costa came out on record stating that Adesanya has not contributed not even one dime since the birth of the child. After Costa’s pregnancy test came back positive she made a video titled “I will make him pay” referring to child support which appears to have not been the case

Adesanya has outright refused to get involved as the Father and even mocked Costa with the following response: “Remember when you threw that white belt at me and then got blacked belted in the end, deal with it now”

The controversy has reached new heights when it came to light that Adesanya has once again impregnated another one, the victim this time is Marvina Vettori who alleges she got pregnant on June 13th 2021. In the light of the new information Puma was forced to take action where they released the following statement via their Head of Marketing Jonathan “Sexual Chocolate” Bones:

“We are fully aware of Mr Adesanya failed child support payments and his impregnation rampage, we do not condone this behaviour so we have decided to terminate our partnership with him. Does he think if dyed his hair pink he can go on a impregnation rampage? I think not so bye, bye sponsorship”

With the News of Adesanya’s terminated sponsorship with Puma none other than former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has reacted with a now deleted tweet.

But Jones wasn’t the only one that has reacted, UFC President Dana White was also forced to react by stating that Adesanya will fight from now on wearing a male chastity belt. Adesanya has since released the following statement: “I would like to apologise to absolutely nobody, The Last Impregnator does whatever he wants”