Tito Ortiz blames KO loss on Anderson Silva taking performance enhancing drugs… “ I know he took drugs, he took Covid vaccine”

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion And successful Politician Tito Ortiz lost his last fight to Former UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva via a devastating knocked in only 88 seconds.

Ortiz initially in a recording that took place minutes after his loss seemed to take it well admitting he made a mistake coming in too excited which resulted in him getting “clipped”.

He immediately called Logan Paul in a tweet that was met with disapproval from the MMA Community but Paul seemed to show some interest after seeing Ortiz’s lifeless body in the Ring. We all know Logan Paul has a thing for lifeless bodies.

Paul came out and responded to Ortiz’s fallout by saying he will accept the boxing match with one condition if he can bring his camera to the ring so he can record him after he knocks the life out of him.

Ortiz straight up refused due to believing he wasn’t knocked out and posted a picture on Instagram showing where he is giving thumbs up that he is okay.

Ortiz then proceeded to go on a conspiracy rampage by accusing Silva of taking performance enchanting drugs which is the reason why he lost the fight.

The Huntington Bad Bitch had the following to say about The Spider:

“I know he took drugs, he took Covid vaccine”

Ortiz didn’t stop there and even went on to elaborate on why he thinks that the covid vaccine is an enchanting drug:

“I got it from a reliable source on Facebook that the corona vaccine contains steroids, I’ve always been a clean athlete that’s why I will never take the vaccine”

Ortiz finished by saying he will make an official request to the commission to overturn the decision to a knockout in his favour once he remembers what day it is.