Dave ”The Schmo” Schmulenson reported missing this morning…Last seen in the presence of Sean Strickland

Reporter and entertainer Dave “The Schmo” Schmuleson was reported missing this morning by his wife Helen Yee after being unable to get in contact with him for more than 24 hours hours.

Schmo was last seen in the presence of the UFC Middleweight contender Sean Strickland which he interviewed.

Strickland started the interview by saying he run out of bodies only to look at The Schmo and his eyes light up.

Strickland then went to say Luke Rockhold “deserves to go to sleep forever” and to talk about his bedroom affairs.

Strickland continued to talk about his Boat Sea Adventures and why he has a boat saying the following:

“Metaphorically speaking let’s say you took the life out of somebody, not that I would do it but if you did do it a boat would be required to dispose of the body’s in the water”

Strickland didn’t stop there and explained how every day all he thinks about is how to hurt people only start explaining how The Schmo reminded him of a high school colleague that he wanted to k*ll because he was too annoying.

Schmo’s face automatically changed dropping the gimmick but it appeared to be too late because Strickland was already fired up and decided who his next body will be.

We tried contacting Strickland but it appears that his mobile was turned off, we guessing on the sea is no phone reception. What can we say about the Schmo apart from that most likely he is food for the fish now.