Following the failed Belfort vs Hollyfield PPV Triller Fight Club event, they have appeared to message fans on Instagram requesting payment from those who stated publicly that they watched without paying

Following the event which took place on September 6th where Former Boxer and senior citizen Evander Hollyfield boxed former UFC Fighter and TRT Enthusiast Vitor Belfort, multiple other names were on the card like Andeson Silva and Tito Ortiz even former US President Donald Trump.

With all the commotion that Triller Fight Club managed to obtain in the end, they failed to succeed when the PPV numbers came out being as low as 150k PPV buys.

This infuriated the management at Triller Fight Club which went on a rampage on Instagram messaging fans who stated publicly that they didn’t buy the PPV but still watched.

In the following messages, the CEO of Triller Fight Club appeared to give everyone who watched the card 30 days to pay or they will be sued, one fan even proceeded to leak a conversation of such.

CEO of Triller Fight Club didn’t stop there and went even further on The MMA Hour Show Foster by Ariel Helwani saying that if he has to go to each and everybody’s home to ask to pay the PPV money he will do that.

Triller’s CEO didn’t stop there and described in detail what steps are willing to take to get fans to pay for those who watched the PPV illegally:

“If I the grandma across the street watched the PPV illegally we will sue her until we take every penny from her pension, we don’t care who it is”

Triller CEO went even further by asking Helwani if he paid for the PPV card to which Ariel responded that he did only not to be believed and being asked for proof to which Helwani hang up on him instantly and continue his show only that 5 minutes later to notice 100 missed calls and multiple messaged to pay the ppv or he will get sued.