Jake Paul puts restraining order against Tyron Woodley due to complaints of stalking

Former Youtuber and current pound for pound Boxer Jake” The Problem Child” Paul defeated former UFC Welterweight Champion and Rapper Tyron” The Chosen One” Woodley on August 29th. Boxing match.

Since then Woodley has been chasing Paul to avenge his loss but with no success as The Problem Child has announced in a recent interview on The MMA Hour Show hosted by Ariel Helwani that he is no longer interested in the rematch and he is moving on.

Woodley offered to get the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo as agreed, offered to feature as a vixen in a Jake Paul music video and even to get married to The Problem Child if that is what it takes to get the rematch.

Woodley took it a step too far when he started stalking Paul around his home where was found the tree across the street from Paul’s house where he was throwing rocks at his window and signing “fallin in and out of love” until Paul called the Police to where The Chosen One ended up falling out of the tree in an attempt to escape arrest.

Follow Woodley’s arrest due to being stalked Paul has proceeded to put in a restraining order against him to where the Problem Child stated the following:

“Tyrone is like a crazy ex, he won’t stop sending me video messages on Instagram singing while crying to give him the rematch even came to my house and got on one knee to propose to me to accept the rematch, so I had enough and put a restraining order against him”

We contacted Woodley with regards to the restraining order that was put against him by Paul to only find out that he was unaware of it and hearing of it for the first time from us which caused Woodley to froze for a couple of minutes reminding us why they call him “The Frozen One”