Joe Rogan needs to be banned from UFC commentary forever… all he does is make weird noises like “Ohhh and Neigh”

I Brent Welwany as a revered journalist that always click baits believe that Joe Rogan needs to be banned completely from the Sport of UFC and below is 6 reasons why.

1) I don’t agree with Rogan’s political views so every chance I get I will attack him and say bad things about him, he shouldn’t have an opinion that is different from mine.

2) Rogan is friends with Brendan Schaub who I don’t know which stand up is worse, his striking or his comedy for this reason alone I believe that he should be banned forever from UFC.

3)Rogan is bald and that’s offensive to people that have hair, how dare he be bald? Like he could wear a wig but he chooses not to just to be offensive.

4)Rogan is friends with Dana White who is not paying fighters enough, if you are not against White you are part of the problem, is no ifs, and or buts about it.

5)Every time Rogan commentates he makes horse noises, that is animal appropriation and from everyone’s point of view is like being hateful towards horses, the horse hate needs to stop now.

6) Joe Rogan breaths, how dare he? For every second he breathes an African-American fighter like Mike Perry and Michael Chandler has second less of air, it’s institutional discrimination