Brendan Schaub on his Podcast The Fighter and the Kid about Ariel Helwani: “ We both know who wears the strap in the Helwani Family, it’s his wife Mrs.Helwani.”

Former UFC Heavyweight Fighter and Successful Standup Comedian Brendan Schaub and Former ESPN Journalist Ariel Helwani have been going back and forth for weeks now.

The squabble originally started with a statement made by Schaub with regards to Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 return and that Helwani is hard to work with.

Helwani didn’t take kindly to these accusations and proceeded to attack Schaub for allegedly lying about himself and trying to get attention over his popularity.

Helwani didn’t stop there and even challenged Schaub to a Spelling Bee where The Famous Comedian immediately accepted by adding a stipulation to the challenge where they will have to do it while both are riding a bike.

The Native Canadian Helwani didn’t take lightly to the stipulation and knowing he can’t ride a bike without helping wheels and outright refused to accept to do it while riding the bike.

In light of the news of Helwani’s refusal Schaub had the following to say:

“He might not be able to ride a bike but for sure he can ride McGregor’s Dillon almost as good as me”

Schaub didn’t stop there and went even deeper with the trash talk where a lot of people believe he crossed the line with the following statement he made on The Fighter and the Kid:

“We both know who wears the strap in the Helwani Family, it’s his wife Mrs Helwani.”

This statement prompted Helwani to respond with the following statement:

“Only reason you are famous is because you blew Joe Rogan, because I don’t know which is worse your stand up in the Octagon or in Comedy”