BREAKING: Paolo Costa weigh-ins at 240lbs fight with Vetorri is off…Nevada Athletic Commission deemed Costa unfit to perform on Saturday’s UFC Fight Night

The American Dream Paolo Costa was set to have his return fight against The Italian Dream Marvin Vetorri this next Saturday.

Costa’s last fight was against none other than The Last Impregnator Israel Adesanya, unfortunately Costa lost the fight and was forced to be out for 9 months due to pregnancy.

Upon his return, Costa promised he will never consume wine again before a fight due to the unexpected pregnancy but one thing he will never give up is performence enchanting drugs.

The controversy started a few days ago before his fight with Vetorri where he announced that he will not be able to make weight due to post-pregnancy symptoms and blamed Adesanya for refusing to pay for child support also requested to the commission that Vetorri wear a condom before their fight because protection is everything

Today Costa weighed in at 240lbs where he missed weight by 45lbs where the agreed catch-weight was 195lbs, Nevada Athletic commission declared him unfit to fight on Saturday due to appearing to have symptoms of sars-cov-2 and intoxicated with wine.

The Commission has declared the fight between Marvin Vetorii and Paulo Costa off, according to inside sources UFC has attempted to replace Costa with multiple fighters but it was shut down by the commission due to the very short notice, the card is at jeopardy of being completely cancelled.