Breaking: Michael Chandler tests positive for Covid, fight with Gaethje in jeopardy

UFC lightweight competitor Micheal ”Iron” Chandler was set to meet Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje at UFC 268 that was until he tested positive for Covid, our inside source which we will not reveal their identity had the following things to say:

Dominick Cruz: “ I got it on good authority that Chandler has positive for Covid, such a smart strategy for him to get infected now so he can build immunity until Saturday night”

Cruz also informed our team at MMAFPress that he was the mole that informed Ariel Helwani over 5 years ago that Brock Lesnar will come back at UFC 200 without telling him not to report the news.

Since the unfortunate news of Chandler testing positive for Covid has come out our Lead Journalist Brent Welwany has successfully got in contact with Chandler which released the following statement:

Chandler: “ Yes I tested positive for Covid but I will not pull out of my fight with Gaethje, I believe in my self and I don’t believe that Covid exists so I can I test positive for something that does not exist”

Chandler didn’t stop there and went even further:

“ I don’t regret not getting vaccinated because I will not inject anything into my body that is not a performance enchanting drug and everyone can say I have Dana White Privilege but how many people can say they have been an Ambassador of UFC Black History Month, none, nobody only me and before I go I have one last thing to say Covid can’t save Justin see you at the top”

Following Chandler’s statement, we immediately contacted Gaethje and we had the following answer from him:

Justin Gaethje: “Oh duh I knew he will test positive for Covid but I don’t blame him for not getting vaccinated, I mean Trojan condoms are safer than the vaccine”

With both Chandler and Gaethje not appearing to be concerned with the possibility of their fight being cancelled due to Chandler Covid positive test two things are for sure:

1) Even though Chandler’s nickname is iron his chin is the opposite.

2)Gaethje’s Iq level is as high as Chandler’s DNA African ancestry results.