Jon Jones joins Monastery to become a monk following 60 days from his arrest

Following Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon” Bones” Jones arrest in Las Vegas hours after his introduction into UFC Hall of Hame has broken his silence blaming alcohol and God testing for his wrongdoings.

After tweeting he was sober for 60 days Jones took to Instagram to inform his followers that he plans to join and become a Monk at the “Monastery of Christ in the Desert” which is situated at the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jones continued by revealing that he had enough of God testing him and hopes if he joins the Monastery he will stop testing him.
Bones didn’t stop there and had the following to say:

“After I took my vows of vows and I have become a monk USADA can’t test me anymore and I will contaminate the holy water with coke and if anything goes wrong is God’s fault because I am his servant”

Jones went even further by explaining how he will bring in stripers disguised as nuns and will celebrate with wholly wine the birth of the second child of God referring to himself.

Jones finished off by revealing that he is changing his Bones nickname to a similar one that he had in the past, he is going from S—-l Chocolate to Divine Chocolate.

Will Jon Jones truly ever change or will he end up in jail again for burning down the Monastery and trying to escape arrest by head butting a nun this time?