Jon Jones celebrates 60 days of being sober with a night out of drinking

Former Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones announced in a now deleted tweet that it had been 60 days since he last had a non-alcoholic drink and it intends to celebrate the achievement with a night out of drinking.

Jones also addressed being banned from Jackson-Wink gym by his coach and how he plans to train for his upcoming fight having said the following:

“I am not worried about getting banned from the gym, I have moved my training camp at home just ask my wife”

Jones has another reason to celebrate apart from 60 days of not having a non-alcoholic drink and that is his court date has been moved to end of January which will give Jones enough time to enjoy some alcohol during the winter holidays.

Later after his announcement Jones took on Instagram live to show how his fans how he is celebrating his sobriety where he appeared to be out with his friends enjoying a Modelo beer.

One fan with the Twitter handle PhilTheVirgin didn’t seem pleased with Jones enjoying a beer and left the following comment “Jon I will tell your wife not to sleep with you” which prompted Jones to respond to him saying that God gave him a pass as he tested him enough .