Dana White: Joe Rogan will be inducted in the 2021 UFC Hall of Fame due to his extraordinary work battling Covid

UFC President Dana White has recently revealed that he tested positive for Covid which he contracted over the Thanksgiving holidays. White had to isolate and was manifesting mild symptoms of the virus.

In an interview White informed our lead writer Brent Welwany that he took advice from none other than Covid expert Doctor Joe Rogan. White described his conversation with Rogan detailing how he contacted him while he was on a elk hunt, stating the following:

“So I call this goofball to ask him what to take for covid and he answers his phone and face times me while he his on a elk hunt but this is not all, the goofball is completely naked and is telling me that he has hunting an elk for over two days”

White doesn’t stop there and continues to describe his conversation with Rogan saying the following:

“When I hear that I try to tell him to call me back when he is finished with his hunt but the goofball cuts me off by telling me to be quiet and starts doing yoga, I am completely speechless while he is hanging upside down from a tree meditating and making horse noises”

After 2 minutes of complete silence White continued to describe what Rogan said after he finished his unorthodox short yoga session:

“After he is finished with his yoga the goofball without even telling him why I called he tells me that he knows I got Covid and knows exactly what variant it is telling me is the Pat Barry variant because it goes after children which is also named Omicron and tells me to take horse dewormer with DMT and while I am in a Ice Bath”

White finishes off by describing what Rogan said after recommending the Covid treatment by saying the following:

“After telling me what to take the goofball out of nowhere starts screaming I am coming for you Sleepy Joe and jumps out the tree straight on the back of an Elk putting making it collapse to the ground and bites his neck ending his life. With blood on his face he then tells me his dinner is ready and hangs up on me”

Dana White after taking the treatment recommended by Joe Rogan fully recovered from Covid in a record-breaking of five days and announced that Dr Joe Rogan will be inducted in the 2021 UFC Hall of Fame next year for his extraordinary work combating Covid.

What does everybody think about Joe Rogan’s treatment for covid? Is it effective or maybe anybody suffering from it is enough to listen to his UFC commentary and will be cured as nobody can survive that.