Dana White planning to go to space with the money saved from not paying fighters

UFC President’s Dana White has been controversial in the news multiple times being accused of not paying his fighters the deserved amount of money.

White denied all the allegations of the UFC fighters being underpaid by saying if anything they are being overpaid and if he could he would have them fight for free like the good old gladiators days.

White even came out and stated when fighters tried to get the oblique kick banned that he is willing to get it banned in exchange of 30% of their pay.

White didn’t stop there and blamed MMA media for the low fighters pay like it’s their fault that UFC paid Cowboy Cerrone a flat only 200k for being part of the highest PPV of 2020 and top 10 all-time in UFC history, how could media talk about that, MMA media bad.

To say that White is not fazed about all the criticism received on low fighters pay in UFC it would be lying but it does not seem like he plans to change that anytime soon and response to the allegations Dana plans to go to space using his money saved from not paying the fighters at the beginning of 2022.