Dominick Cruz threatening to pull out of his fight with Pedro Munhoz if Daniel Cormier is not removed from the UFC 269 commentary desk

Dominick Cruz has recently come out in an interview where he bashed Daniel Cormier’s ufc commentary by accusing him of not watching enough film on the fighters performing on the night where is on commentary duty.

Very ironic coming from somebody like Cruz to be judgmental of Cormier’s commentary when he himself leaves to be desired with comments like : “Conor is trying to gass Khabib out by letting him punch his face in” “Andrade can’t t slam Rose due to the kimura lock she has on” where moments after Rose got slammed onto her head into unconsciousness.

This is not to defend Cormier who also is very biased towards fighters like Max Holloway and Israel Adesanya but at least Cormier has a bit of personality and a comedic flair to his commentary which can’t be said the same about Dominick Cruz where Chael Sonnen’s shoes has more personality than him.

Since the mentioned interview from the beginning of the article Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier had a so-called interview together where Daniel Cormier had a valid point where his own colleague attacked him publicly for no reason at all but to get attention on himself.

Cruz tried to excuse his comments by blaming the media by not publishing the positive things he said about Cormier thinking because he said something positive about him it cancels the negative ones.

Cruz also felt it was his duty to hold Cormier accountable for not watching enough film for the fight like that is even relevant as long as they do their job right it doesn’t matter how you prepare where a good example would be where Jon Jones had two weeks straight of partying before the first Gustafsson fight and both managed to put on arguable one of the best championships fights of all time.

Just to make it clear Cruz opinion of Cormier’s commentary is invalid when he is just as bad as him if not worse especially that after over a year he is not over Referee Keith Peterson stopping his fight with Cejudo where while on commentary tries indirectly attack his character

Following the back and forth where Bisping had to intervene due to Cruz’s veins nearly exploding out of his neck Dominick then shortly after announced on his Instagram that he will not compete against Pedro Munhoz if Daniel Cormier is not removed from the UFC 269 commentary desk.