Dominick Cruz misses weight for his bantamweight bout coming in at 140.2lbs…Blames it on Daniel Cormier

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion and now prelim fighter Dominick Cruz was set to compete at UFC 269 against knockout out artist Pedro Munhoz.

Everything seemed to go as planned for Cruz where apart from alteration with former Double Champion Daniel Cormier with regards to his commentary nothing appeared to be of any concern.

This morning at the official weight-ins Cruz went on the scale as the second ufc with an a big smile on his face appearing to be very confident until he was told he was overweight by 2.2lbs.

Cruz facial expression changed immediately and started saying “how is this possible I am Dominick Cruz I don’t do anything wrong” to where the officials told him he has an hour to reach the bantamweight limit.

Cruz on his way to the back trying to cut the required weight appeared to be saying something to the extent of “this is only that fab slobs fault, that Daniel Cormier and his Popeyes chicken” where in the process of saying that he tripped over a wire and feel face first on the ground causing him to swear at Daniel Cormier.

An hour later Dominick Cruz returns with his second attempt to make weight which again appearing to be very confident and while getting on the scale he says he listened to Daniel Cormier commentary which caused him to lose the weight because that’s how bad it is.

To his surprise Cruz once again misses weight this time coming in at 140.2lbs being 2 pounds heavier than before and missing weight by 4.2lbs total.

Cruz proceeds to have a total meltdown by screaming “I am Dominick Cruz I don’t miss weight, it’s all DC fault ” where in the process he pushes the scale damaging it to where he has to be restrained by the security.

After the incident the commission has officially declared that Dominick Cruz will loss 50% of his purse which will all go to the referee that will officiate his bout which is Keith Peterson.