Khabib on Aldo’s recent win: “How can be Goat when lose to chicken in 13 seconds, Brotha please respect sport, Brotha!!”

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has been very vocal in the past with regards to Former Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo second attempt at a title in 135lbs division.

Khabib said in the past that Aldo is fighting only for money as he stands no chance against real competition, this statement appeared to infuriate a lot of fans who didn’t agree with him.

But Khabib didn’t stop there and in an interview with a Russian Media outlet as part of his MMA Fighting Organisation named The Eagle Fighting Championship where he was asked what he thought of Aldo’s recent win over Rob Font and he had the following to say:

“Was good win but he gass out, I think Tj peds or film star Alja Smesh him but what do I know I just the best all time Brotha”

Khabib’s didn’t stop there and continued with the following:

“How can be Goat when lose to Chicken in 13 seconds, Brotha respect sport, Brotha!!”

Numagomedov finished off with why he thinks Aldo is not the Greatest of All Time by saying the following:

“He beat who? Peds Mendes and most losses UFC Who that guy, he no Goat maybe sheep yes but no Goat”