MMA Fan arrested for breaking in Dana White’s office to illegally stream UFC 270 while jerking off to ‘assert dominance’

UFC President Dana White has been notorious for fearlessly trying to fight off illegal streamers which have been one of the few battles that he will never win.

With that being said at the beginning of the UFC 269 PPV main card the burglar alarm at UFC Apex was triggered and when the security guards went to check where the issue was they were surprised to find an unknown male in Dana White’s office jerking off to what appeared an illegal stream of UFC 269.

While completely caught off guard the security guards attempted to apprehend the intruder failing miserably due to its Dominick Cruz footwork like escaping skills while his pants were down to his ankles, acknowledging they don’t stand a chance to apprehend the intruder the security contacted the Police.

When the Police arrived at the scene of the crime the suspect was seen trying to escape through the window of the 3rd floor by using the Nate Diaz Ninja technique but failed as Deputy Sheriff Cormier managed to capture him by using an ankle pick even though the suspect tried to get away by using a Ben Askren spinning back fist.

On his way to the police car the suspect managed to escape shortly and head but the police car before being escorted inside the back of the Cruiser.

Later on after being taken to the precinct the suspect identity was revealed as being none other than Twitter MMA Celebrity BoogerBeard and adult men’s film actor and when interviewed why he broke into Dana White’s office and proceeded to jerk off while illegally streaming UFC 269 he explained that he did it to ‘assert dominance’.