Triller Fight Club wins best Promotion of the year at World MMA Awards

Once again yes it is true Triller Fight Club has won the best promotion of the year at the World Mixed Martial Arts Awards but you must be asking how is this possible, they do not even put on MMA fights.

The only explanation that is possible that a boxing organisation won a MMA Award is that this event is as legit as Sean O’Malley’s undefeated record.

But looking further into it Triller Fight Club does deserve to win the best MMA promotion of the year award as no other promotion offer a retirement package for washed up MMA fighters as Triller does.

And how can any other promotion beat them when they had Trump on commentary who uncoincidentally lost to somebody who should be in a retirement home not running the country.

And if we are being realistic Triller is the only real competition UFC has right now, no other promotion was able get a fighter that was still under a UFC contract to fight for them like Triller did and not only they did that they got the Best Boxer in the UFC in Ben Askren which speaks massively by that alone.

Triller definitely has the power to move the needle when it comes to putting on fights that the fans want to see especially when they had a old Holyfield who should of been in a Nursing Home instead of a Ring against a TRT fulled to the gills Vitor Belfort and not only they put on fights their fans want to see they also put on long concerts that nobody asked for.

And after the last Triller event this was very predictable as their Founder who seems like he is always on coke showed to Dana White to put on a event.