Brendan Schaub fired from Showtime…Offered a job at MMA Hour working for Ariel Helwani

Retired UFC Heavyweight and successful comedian Brendan Schaub has recently been fired by Showtime who was hosting Below the Belt show.

The reasoning before the firing of Schaub and the shutting down of the Below the Belt is due to nobody watching it.

The only interaction the show has ever got is in the YouTube comments section where users accused Schaub of giving them CTE when he tries and fails miserably to pronounce fighters names.

We will never take enjoyment of someone loss of a possible only way of income and neither his nemesis Ariel Helwani who offered him a job on his show MMA Hour.

Helwani came publicly to offer a position as his assistant on the show but in order to get the position he needs to pass a spelling bee and Joe Rogan can’t help him even though it won’t make mucus of a difference as we all seen how his comedy career turned out.