Breaking: Jake Paul tests positive for Sildenafil…Boxing rematch with Tyron Woodley in jeopardy

Former douchebag YouTuber and best pound for pound boxer (Nah just joking) Jake “The Complication Child” Paul was set to face Heavyweight Boxing Gypsy King Brother Tommy “The Black sheep of the family” Furry.

Unfortunately Tyson Furry’s little brother had to withdraw due to a fractured labia and Woodley who was still stalking Paul for a rematch has gladly accepted to replace him.

Woodley was willing to marry Jake Paul if that meant he would get another chance at boxing( getting paid) Logan Paul’s brother again. Let’s not forget how Woodley offered to appear as a Vixen in one of the Jake Paul’s new songs.

It was said that Woodley had to be defrosted in order to sign the contract as he was still frozen since he rocked Paul. But now that the contracts are signed and Woodley promised he is defrosted he will attempt to kick out Jake.

This rematch appears to be very promising and looking at both competitors strong and weak points is safe to say none of them can sing. Even though that might sound like a bad thing a fan by name of Phil who was paralysed from the waist down unable to walk for over 12 years when their songs was played to him he found the power to be able to stand up and walk again so he can switch their music off.

Everything seemed to have been going as planned apart from Paul offering gifts to Woodley pre-fight so he can dive but hours after the weigh-ins it was reported first by our lead journalist Brent Welwany that Jake Paul tested positive for Sildenafil and the rematch is in jeopardy.

When reached to Jake Paul’s camp with regards to a reaction towards the current situation they have released the following statement:” Jake has taken all the necessary steps to prepare for Woodley as he fully aware what he did with the Racoon and wanted to make sure he can last as long as possible”