Breaking: Jon Jones arrested in Albuquerque for public disorder after he was found celebrating his charges getting dismissed in Nevada

Back in September former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones after being inducted in UFC Hall of Fame felt that the induction wasn’t enough so he decided to get another win on his record before his heavyweight debut.

Unfortunately his win didn’t go well as he went head first against the police and yes this is a pun as he literally head-butted the police car like it was owned by usada which was there to collect a sample.

Following the incident Jones had to go to court which is his second least favourite place after prison to be in even though he always finds his way there again and again.

During his court proceedings, he explained that the reason for his behaviour is due to God giving him his hardest battles and if he had an octagon to hide under none of that would have happened but going forward he will make sure his sparring partners will wear a head guard.

His case ended up getting dismissed after striking a plea deal to ease up on the performance enchanting drugs and his sparring partner and also a small fine of $750 for head butting the police car.

Following this result Jones the best way to celebrate is to go out with the boy for a heavy night of drinking and then come back home and spar his training partner but this time wearing a head guard.

Unfortunately once again this didn’t go as planned due to Jones getting arrested once again as he was found outside of the Albuquerque strip Club with a bottle of Proper Twelve causing public disorder according to the police report.