Joe Rogan to reboot Fear Factor where UFC fighters will have to survive with only Ivermectin for 7 days in a row

Yes you heard it right Joseph Rogan will reboot Fear Factor but the rules of competition have changed this time.

The only persons that will be allowed to enter the competition are UFC fighters who will have to survive in the wild with only ivermectin (which is also known as horse dewormer) for 7 days in a row.

Joe Rogan in partnership with UFC President Dana White has already selected a number of 10 fighters who will participate on the reboot of the Fear Factor Show.

The lucky winner will get to keep his show money when he will have his next fight. Rogan has already announced three of teen of the show participants and they are listen below:

The first competitor is none other than Greg “The Princess of War” Hardy where as part of the rules of the competition he will have his inhaler taken away from him.

The second competitor is the Goat himself Jon Bones Jones who will not be allowed to mention God for a full 7 days and will have his coke, alcohol and car taken away from him.

The third competitor and the last participant is the king of EPO T.J. Dillashaw or better known as Pillashaw will have all his supplements and needles taken away from him.

The purpose of the Fear Factor reboot is to raise money in order to find a cure for the COVID vaccine.