Tyron Woodley claims that Jake Paul could be UFC Champion with two years of MMA training…”Jake knocked me out when Usman couldn’t”

After being utterly humiliated by a YouTuber, Tyron Woodley has clapped back at the online trolls and claimed—if he wanted to—Jake Paul could easily make the transition over to the UFC and dethrone current Welterwieght king, Kamaru Usman.

He backed his statement up by pointing out the fact that Paul easily knocked him out, whereas Kamaru barely damaged him on the feet during their 25-minute title fight back in 2019.

Despite confirming the fight was staged, Woodley did compliment Jake’s punching power and insisted Usman wouldn’t get past the third round if the internet sensation didn’t want him to.

The 39-year-old continued by saying how satisfied he was with his performance, and how he took pride in outlasting his former training partner and friend, Ben Askren, in the Boxing ring against Logan’s younger brother. Woodley signed off by boldly predicting Jake Paul to be a UFC champion by the end of 2024.