UFC to premiere a new show in 2022 named “Dana White Lookin’ for a Felon“ where death row inmates will fight for free

Are you a felon? Are you sick and tired of spending your days sharpening the end of your toothbrush incase somebody is taking too long on the payphone again? Well, now is your lucky day, as UFC president Dana White, along with help from Joe Rogan, has announced a new MMA show: Dana White Lookin’ For A Felon.

Rumored to be approved by model citizen, Conor McGregor, uncle Dana has decided to give death row inmates the chance of a lifetime by providing them with a one-fight contract inside the Octagon with the goal of finding the next Jon Jones or Chael Sonnen.

Winning a fight will be rewarded with time of their sentence while finishing the fight gives a even bigger bonus with being able to have a one conjugal time visit for Ariel Helwani. In between rounds prison weapons like shivs and pipes will drop in the octagon.

Convicts will be jumping at the opportunity to show off their skills to a live audience instead of shadow boxing in their cell each morning, and, all contestants will relish the chance at getting complete immunity and having to face off with former police officer, Chris Daukaus, if they are crowned the Dana White Looking For A Felon champion.

Premiering in 2022, Dana White hopes to find the next Greg Hardy, the next Jon Jones or Jon himself in prison and to be able to give meaning to the inmates you are in for murderer and assault that they deserve a second chance, no matter how many times they reoffend. The idea has been endorsed by Jon Jones.