Breaking: Jake Paul signed with PFL and will make his MMA Debut against Phillip Jack Brooks on March 26th.

Former YouTuber and Professional Boxer Jake ”The Problem Child” Paul has won his last boxing rematch vs Tyron Woodley on December 18th via knockout and soon after has expressed to come over to MMA.

Paul has even made several offers to Dana White to make his debut in UFC but has been ignored so only a week ago it was announced that he has begun negotiations with PFL to have his MMA debut there.

The chances of Paul signing with PFL appeared to be very high as he would have ten times more freedom than with UFC when it came to being able to continue to box and also PFL shares the same broadcasting platform as UFC which is ESPN.

This morning a mole from Jake Paul’s team that goes by the nickname “The Frozen One” has got in contact with your Lead Reporter Brent Welwany and revealed unreleased news of Jake Paul signing with PFL and making his debut on March 26th against none other than Philip Jake Brooks who also goes by the nickname Cm Punk.