Dominick Cruz refuses to work with Daniel Cormier on commentary due to not being fully vaccinated against Covid

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz has been vocal in the past against his UFC commentary colleague Daniel “DC” Cormier with regards to his poor commentary where he mutes DC whenever he commentates fights and also complained of the lack of watching film before the upcoming fights.

Cruz made the statements with regards to Cormier days before his fight with Munhoz at UFC 269 during his pre-fight media conference which sparked major attention from the MMA community.

The two ended up having a recorded interview together which they went back and forth accusing each other of not watching film (Cormier) and being dry on commentary (Cruz) but in the end they have appeared to burry the hatchet and Cruz went to win his fight at UFC 269 via an unanimous decision versus Munhoz.

For the past month both Cruz and Cormier have been silent with regards to their altercation until today when Cruz was asked during an interview who he looks forward in 2022 on working on the commentary desk where he proceeded to respond with the following:

“I love working with Anik, I love him I learned so much from him, I think he is the gold standard when it comes to commentating just like Herb Dean is the gold standard when it comes to refereeing but who I wouldn’t work with going forward in 2022 is DC (Daniel Cormier) because he refuses to fully vaccinate himself against Covid”

Cruz didn’t stop there and continued to elaborate even further when asked why he wouldn’t work with Daniel Cormier due to not being fully vaccinated against Covid by saying the following:

“He doesn’t respect the science and therefor he doesn’t deserve to share the commentary booth with me, I take great offence in his lack of being vaccinated as I consider the science of Covid being similar to the science that I used to implement my footwork”

Cruz appeared to be very frustrated by Daniel Cormier and finished off the interview by saying the following:

“Somebody like DC (Daniel Cormier) who is overweight should be the first to be fully vaccinated but no, he prefers to eat popcorn during his commentary until his shirt buttons explode and I offered him to do commentary standing up like I do in my post- fight conference but he refused so from now on I will not share the commentary booth with him”