Halle Berry to direct upcoming movie inspired from the journey of Aljamain Sterling on becoming the UFC Bantamweight Champion…Mike Perry to star as the lead role

Acclaimed movie director and movie star Halle Barry has announced today via her Instagram Live that she will be directing a new movie that will take inspiration from current UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling journey to winning gold.

Barry explained the reasoning behind choosing of the current UFC Bantamweight Champion Sterling as inspiration as she can relate to him as acting under the bright lights is not a easy thing to do.

Barry was very impressed with Sterling performance in his last fight against current interim UFC Bantamweight Champion Petr Yan where for Sterling to take the role of clown is one of the hardest things to do in the acting industry.

After Barry’s first directed movie named Bruised that featured MMA’s best referee and Dominick Cruz’s dad the one and only No Nonsense Keith Peterson and The Women’s UFC Bantamweight Champion Valentina Shevchenko was received very well especially by the MMA community she knew that the next steep in her Director career had to be her biggest challenge yet.

After selecting Aljamain Sterling as her inspiration for her upcoming movie which will be named “Walking a mile in the shoes of a clown” Halle Barry has decided to set the bar even higher by selecting none other than the The Platinum King Mike Perry as the lead role in the movie where she explained that he is perfect for the role as nobody can act as being black as much as Mike Perry does.